They Need You! You Are their Lifeline!


Let’s not forget the people of Gaza. Some of the families in Gaza have lost their homes for a third time after the assault early this year. Many have been left with nothing. Their daily lives are filled with hardships and despair. They Need You!

Palestinian Refugees in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria are still living in dire conditions. Some of them are the third generation of refugees living in camps. They Need You!

The school year is just around the corner. Many depend on us, they need the funds so they can continue their education and build a future to support their families. They Need You!

The Holy month of Ramadan is also around the corner. It is a reminder about those who are less fortunate. We need to help those destitute families before the Holy Month starts. They Need You!

According to American Near East Refugee Aid, one of the few organizations in Gaza providing much needed assistance, $100 or more today will help bring water to their homes, deliver medicine to their clinics and help support their children’s education and well being. US-OMEN has partnered with ANERA to provide the assistance directly to those in need.

As Mother Teresa said:” If you can’t fee a hundred people, then just feed one.” Please look deep down into your hearts and support our projects. We need you! The hungry children need you! The refugees in the camps need you! The people of Gaza need you!

Please give from the heart and give generously. “If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart” (Arab Proverb). They need you! You are their lifeline!


Board of US-OMEN



Urgent Appeal


Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 January 2012 19:04 )