EST. 1961

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The US-OMEN was founded in Los Angeles in 1961 by visionar­ies from our Southern California Activist's Community. The US-OMEN is a 501 (c)(3) non-sectarian, non-political, charitable organization registered with the State of California. All donations to the US-OMEN are tax deductible for income tax purposes.

US-OMEN provided much-needed medical and educational assistance and support since its establishment in various parts of the world.

By supporting US-OMEN you are making a difference in the lives of those in need and specially our suffering sisters and brothers throughout the World.


Quotes from Past presidents of US OMEN


"Through the support of US-OMEN, people around the world realize that American do care about them"

Haitham Aranki, President US-OMEN / LA, 2004

"Knowing that someone cares is an inspiration to continue to sur­vive."

Hanna Danfoura, President of US-OMEN, SF, 1988

"We are proud to be in the business of helping people in need. US-OMEN will continue to care for the welfare of our fellow human beings"

Michael Hattar, President of US-OMEN, LA, 1988

"Here we must admit, that we do need US-OMEN, a charitable organization, which has been created to serve all mankind every­where"

The late Mustafa Siam, President of US-OMEN, LA, 1980

"Each succeeding US-OMEN event serves to rekindle in our hearts and minds our dedication to the humanitarian goals of this organization."

Jean Kalil, Presi­dent US-OMEN / SF, 1979

"During fiscal 1975-1976, US-OMEN has continued to support various organiza­tions in the Near East, with cash donations, shipments of clothing and blankets, medicine, hospital supplies and scholarship awards."

Dr. Spear S. Sayegh, President US-OMEN /LA, 1976